About the Artist

unicycling series

Timothy Sellers is an artist and musician living in Highland Park.  He studied Art and Art History at Williams College.  In the 1990s, he exhibited his black and white photography in galleries and museums in New England with the support of several NEA grants.  These photographs were influenced by the varied works of Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Cindy Sherman, Tom Waits, Edward Gorey, Jorge Luis Borges, and Mark Twain.

In 1998, Sellers moved to Los Angeles, started the band Artichoke and made a dozen albums.  Concept records such as “Bees” and “26 Scientists” did well on college radio and were featured in The New York Times, L.A. Weekly, and Skeptics Magazine.  “Historic Highland Park,” Artichoke’s hyperlocal concept album from 2009, contains indie pop gems such as “Trash Day” and “Here Come the Hipsters.”  The live band has played countless shows in venues ranging from legendary dives such as Al’s Bar and Mr. T’s Bowl to Spaceland, the Echo, the Eagle Rock Music Festival, Lummis Day, the Geffen Theatre, and the Griffith Observatory.

Timothy Sellers has exhibited his recent work at MorYork Gallery, the Future Studio, Platform, and K York Studio.